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STRATEGIC’ Human Resource Planning

December 06, 2019

All existing organizations in this competitive environment acknowledge the importance of skilled and dedicated Human Resource, but everything starts with Human Resource Planning and cherry on top would be if all the plans are made according to overall strategies of the organization. Analyzing the future HR requirements according to current and future business environment or in other words bridging the gap between the actual and desired state by analyzing the current HR capacity, Forecasting HR requirements, Gap Analysis, developing the strategies, implementing the same and continuous evaluation.

Our roads can only be reached through vehicle of plans,
There is no other route to success.

– Pablo Picassio

HR departments that practice strategic human resource management do not work independently within a silo; they interact with other departments within an organization in order to understand their goals and then create strategies that align with those objectives, as well as those of the organization. Strategic HRM utilizes the talent and opportunity within the human resources department to make other departments stronger and more effective. HR plans need to be updated on a regular basis. You will need to establish the information necessary to evaluate the success of the new plan. Benchmarks need to be selected and measured over time to determine if the plan is successful in achieving the desired objectives.

Talent wins games but teamwork and
Intelligence wins championships,

-Michael Jordan

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