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14 Jan 2023


Sr. Manager or AGM - Legal


10-12 Years

Legal Notices, Due Diligence, Legal Research, Contract Drafting, Real Estate Laws, Joint Ventures, Legal Drafting

Job Description

Position: Sr. Manager or AGM - Legal
Qualification: LLB
Experience: 10 to 13 years
Location: Pune

Job description
  • Has hands-on experience in handling joint venture transactions independently including (a) drafting of collaborations agreements, joint development agreements, LLP Deeds, and General Power of Attorneys; (b) negotiations with the opposite party for closure of transaction; and (c) Risk identification in the transaction with mitigation
  • Has in-depth knowledge of land (Maharashtra) and has handled title due diligence and/or conducted title searches with respect to the land and has complete knowledge of revenue/land records in the state of Maharashtra.
  • Is proficient with the structuring of real estate transactions such as joint venture agreements, Company Structure, LLP Structure, collaboration agreements, etc.
  • Has hands-on experience in handling customer-related issues, including (a) drafting of application forms, allotment letters, buyers agreements, conveyance deeds, maintenance agreements, etc.; and (b) handling disputes raised by the customer
  • Has hands-on experience in research work and is proficient in working on various legal software. Have worked on real estate transactions such as collaboration agreements, development agreements, LLP Agreements, and joint venture agreements for the development of land in the state of Maharashtra.
  • In-house drafting of all transactional documents such as joint development agreements, Share Purchase Agreements, and Shareholders Agreements. LLP Agreements/Deeds, Agreement to Sell, Sale Deeds, Lease Deeds, General Power of Attorney
  • Title due diligence of land and timely risk identification In-house drafting of all contracts/documentation such as application forms, buyers agreements, conveyance deeds, lease deeds, collaboration/joint venture agreements for land development GPA, etc.
  • timely closure of documents/agreements from a legal perspective.
  • In-house drafting of legal notices, and pleadings related to disputes/litigations
  • Exposure to handling customer disputes and negotiating with landowners

14 January 2023


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