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04 May 2023


Semi Qualified CA, 1 to 3 years in Kolkata



2-3 Years

ca, Auditing, Cash Flow Statement, Tax Audit

Job Description

Position: Semi Qualified CA
Qualification: CA
Experience: 1 to 3 years
Location: Kolkata

Job description
Job Description
  • Ensures a company or organisation complies with internal regulations and established control protocol
  • Examines documentation, including reports, statements, records, and memos to gather information
  • Reconciles documentation with actual inventory or assets to ascertain accuracy
  • Completes standard paperwork and questionnaires to confirm internal controls
  • Participates in meetings with individuals and departments to update auditees on findings and the audit process
  • Prepares reports and preserves documentation pertaining to audits for internal record
  • Presents summarised findings concerning audit results and trends for internal groups
  • Analyses audit results to determine methods for increasing profits and decreasing unnecessary costs
  • Makes recommendations for the best ways for a company to avoid fraud and reduce waste
  • Assesses best financial practices for an organisation and makes relevant, informed suggestions
  • Keeps up-to-date on audit procedures and regulations by attending conferences, workshops, and continuing education seminars
  • Participates in industry organisations and develops a professional network
  • Develops a speciality in auditing a particular industry, such as health care or government
  • Works with a team to achieve company goals

04 May 2023


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