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30 Apr 2024


Manager - Accounting Financial Statements, 1 to 5 years in Mumbai

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4-5 Years

Financial Statements, Journal Entries, financial reporting, accounting, gaap, budgeting, IFRS, forecasting, Balance Sheet, Auditing

Job Description

Position: Manager - Accounting Financial Statements
Qualification: B.com,M.com
Experience: 1 to 5 years
Location: Mumbai

Job description
  • Prepare accurate and timely financialstatements, including the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flowstatement, in accordance with relevant accounting standards (e.g., GAAP, IFRS).
  • Maintain the integrity of the generalledger by recording and reconciling financial transactions, ensuring accuracyand completeness.
  • Oversee the month-end and year-endclosing processes, including adjusting journal entries, accruals, andreconciliations, to facilitate the timely and accurate preparation of financialstatements.
  • Coordinate with external auditorsduring financial audits, providing necessary documentation and explanations,and addressing audit inquiries to ensure compliance and transparency.
  • Establish and maintain internalcontrols to safeguard company assets, prevent fraud, and ensure the accuracyand reliability of financial reporting.
  • Analyze financial data and performancemetrics to identify trends, variances, and areas for improvement, providinginsights and recommendations to management for informed decision-making.
  • Assist in the budgeting and forecastingprocess by providing financial information and insights to support thedevelopment of budgets, forecasts, and financial plans.
  • Ensure compliance with financial regulations, accounting standards, andcompany policies, staying abreast of changes in regulations and standards andimplementing necessary adjustments.
  • Continuously evaluate accountingprocesses and procedures to identify inefficiencies and opportunities forimprovement, implementing enhancements to increase efficiency and accuracy.
  • Supervise and mentor accounting staff, providing guidance, training, andsupport to ensure their professional development and the effective performanceof accounting functions.
  • Overall, a person responsible for accounting financial statements plays acrucial role in ensuring the accuracy, integrity, and compliance of financialreporting processes, providing essential financial information and insights tosupport decision-making and drive business success.

30 April 2024


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