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19 Apr 2024


Legal Manager, 5 to 8 years in Mumbai

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6-8 Years

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Job Description

Position: Legal Manager
Qualification: LLB, LLM
Experience: 5 to 8 years
Location: Mumbai

Job description

Key Responsibilities :

1. Statutory Compliance:

- Ensure compliance with statutory procedures, rules, and regulations applicable to NBFCs, including RBI guidelines, SEBI regulations, and other relevant laws.

- Monitor changes in regulatory requirements and update internal policies and procedures accordingly.

- Conduct periodic compliance audits and reviews to identify and rectify any non-compliance issues.

2. Regulatory Frameworks:

- Navigate complex regulatory frameworks and interpret regulatory circulars, notifications, and guidelines issued by regulatory authorities.

- Provide guidance and support to internal teams on regulatory matters and legal implications of business activities.

3. Compliance Management:

- Develop and implement compliance programs to ensure adherence to applicable laws, regulations, and internal policies.

- Conduct training sessions for employees to raise awareness about legal and regulatory compliance requirements.

4. Documentation and Contracts:

- Draft, review, and negotiate legal documents, contracts, agreements, and MOUs related to business operations, transactions, and partnerships.

- Ensure that all contractual obligations are met and legal risks are mitigated in contractual arrangements.

5. Corporate Governance:

- Assist in maintaining corporate governance standards as per LODR Regulations, Companies Act, and other relevant corporate governance guidelines.

- Prepare and maintain legal documentation related to board meetings, resolutions, and corporate filings.

6. Legal Research and Advisory:

- Conduct legal research on various legal issues, case laws, precedents, and regulatory developments affecting the NBFC sector.

- Provide legal advice and recommendations to management and internal stakeholders on legal matters and risk management strategies.

7. Dispute Resolution and Litigation Management:

- Manage legal disputes, litigation, and legal proceedings involving the NBFC, including engaging with external legal counsel and representing the organization in legal matters.

- Work towards resolving legal disputes through negotiation, arbitration, or other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Must Have\'s:

- Bachelor\'s degree in Law (LLB) from a recognized institution. Additional qualifications such as LLM or specialized courses in financial law or regulatory compliance are preferred.

- 5 to 8 years of experience in a legal role within the Law firm, financial services industry, preferably in an NBFC, bank, or financial institution.

- Strong understanding of statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to NBFCs, including RBI regulations, SEBI guidelines, Companies Act, LODR Regulations, and ISDR Regulations.

- Excellent analytical skills with the ability to interpret legal documents, regulations, and circulars.

- Good communication skills with the ability to convey complex legal concepts to non-legal stakeholders.

- Proactive approach to identifying legal risks, developing risk mitigation strategies, and ensuring legal compliance.

- Experience in contract drafting, negotiation, and legal research.

- Ability to work independently, handle multiple tasks, and prioritize workload effectively.

- Membership in Bar Council of India and relevant legal certifications are a plus.

19 April 2024


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