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05 Dec 2022


Company Secretary


4-5 Years

Company Secretary, Companies Act, FEMA, Company Law, Secretarial compliance

Job Description

Position: Company Secretary
Experience: 2 to 5 years
Location: Gurgaon

Job description
Roles and Responsibilities
  • To Comply with annual compliances under Companies Act, 2013 and its filing DIR3-KYC, DPT-3, MSME-1, CRA-4, AOC-4, MGT-7 etc.
  • To comply with the Board Compliances DIR-8, MBP-1,DIR-12.
  • The relevant forms and returns required to furnished and comply in accordance with act DIR-8, MBP-1,DIR-12.
  • To comply with the applicable compliances w.r.t shareholders of the company ADT-1, CRA-2, DIR-3, MGT-14, INC-22, GNL-1 etc.
  • To comply with the applicable compliances w.r.t shareholders of the company SH-7, PAS-3 etc.
  • To comply with the Compliances w.r.t Charges under Companies Act, 2013 CHG-1, CHG-3, CHG-4 etc.
  • To comply with applicable compliances of RBI and FEMA FC-GPR , FLA , ECB -2 etc.
  • To call and hold Board Meetings and Members Meetings Notices, Agenda, Explanatory Statement etc.
  • To assist and process the Government Subsidy and schemes to avail benefits SPEC, UPEM Policy.
  • To comply with department audit and checks w.r.t compliances within Internal Department Reports on Quarter Basis
  • To assist with Legal work, and knowledge of commercial laws, labor law, factory act and other applicable laws and its compliances
  • Good in drafting of letters, notices and replies to concerned authorities.

05 December 2022


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