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02 Apr 2024


Chartered Accountant, 4 to 8 years in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai

6-8 Years

Revenue Management, forecasting, Accounting Standards, budgeting, IFRS, team management, financial reporting, pricing analysis, Product Mix, financial accountig

Job Description

Position: Chartered Accountant
Qualification: CA
Experience: 4 to 8 years
Location: Navi Mumbai

Job description
Role & responsibilities

  1. Daily Sales Monitoring: Monitor daily sales transactions, ensuring accuracy and completeness in recording revenue data.
  2. Pricing Suggestions: Provide input on pricing decisions based on revenue accounting principles and market analysis.
  3. Catalogue Management: Oversee the accounting treatment of product catalog changes, ensuring proper revenue recognition.
  4. Optimizing Pricing and Product Mix: Analyse sales data to optimize pricing strategies and product mix for maximum revenue generation.
  5. Revenue Management Information System (MIS): Develop and maintain revenue MIS reports, providing insights into sales performance, revenue trends, and key metrics.
  6. Billing Team Management: Manage the billing team to ensure accurate and timely invoicing, adherence to revenue recognition policies, and resolution of billing discrepancies.
  7. Tech Support: Provide technical support related to revenue accounting systems and tools, collaborating with IT teams to address any issues.
  8. Investor Relations and MIS: Prepare revenue-related reports and presentations for investor relations, providing accurate and timely financial information.
  9. Forecasting and Budgeting: Assist in revenue forecasting and budgeting processes, providing input based on revenue accounting data and analysis.
  10. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Collaborate with the sales team to ensure accurate recording of sales transactions in the CRM system, maintaining data integrity.
  11. ERP Package Management: Proficient in working with ERP packages to extract, analyze, and interpret revenue accounting data.
  12. Compliance and Audit Support: Ensure compliance with revenue recognition standards and support audit processes by providing necessary documentation and explanations.

Preferred candidate profile

  1. Strong understanding of revenue recognition principles and accounting standards (e.g., ASC 606, IFRS 15).
  2. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and other data analysis tools for revenue reporting and analysis.
  3. Excellent communication and collaboration skills for working cross-functionally with sales, finance, and IT teams.
  4. Detail-oriented with a focus on accuracy and compliance in revenue accounting processes.

02 April 2024


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