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11 May 2024


Chartered Accountant, 1 to 6 years in Bangalore

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5-6 Years

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Job Description

Position: Chartered Accountant
Qualification: CA
Experience: 1 to 6 years
Location: Bangalore

Job description

Job Responsibilities:

1. Managing day to day operations comprising below activities of Mumbai branch office as a Branch Head
  • Borrowers Audits consisting of Due Diligence, Escrow Audits, Stock & Debtors Audit on behalf of 27+ Banks / NBFCs
  • Credit Audits/Reconciliation/Other Audits of Banks/Banking Clients
Various other credit monitoring assignments:
  • Drawing Power Analysis
  • Preparation of Sanction & Review Notes
  • CMA data preparation
2. Interaction with various Bankers/Corporate Clients
3. Managing & Mentoring team of 25-35 people
4. Managing Branch in various day to day matters including administration etc
5. Traveling and managing all clients based out of Western India
6. Help Partners build Mumbai branch office by representing Bankers / Corporate Clients & mentoring new team members
7. Preparing & submitting regular MISs

11 May 2024


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