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26 Sep 2023


Account Executive, 2 to 7 years in Mumbai

Company Logo Vipul Organics Ltd.


5-6 Years

Bank Reconciliation, Financial Statement, Mis Preparations, TDS, financial accountig, GST, account finalisation, Journal Entries, Balance Sheet, General Accounting, Ledger Posting, Voucher Entry, Sales Voucher

Job Description

Position: Account Executive
Qualification: CA,CS,B.com
Experience: 2 to 7 years
Location: Mumbai

Job description
Role & responsibilities

Reporting to management on monthly basis in case of any deviations.
LC Documentation , Forward contract PCFC & PCL.
Ensure books are closed on time across branches & locations.
Ensure key observations are discussed with management before the audited numbers are released.
Regularly assess the working capital position of the company.
Arrange the working capital on timely basis based on the business position.
Monitor all factors critically in connection to working capital (accounts receivable, accounts payable & inventory) and put a review mechanism to monitor the same.
Implementation of credit control policy.
Give necessary inputs to sales & marketing, operations, purchase, etc from working capital point of view.
Ensure company has a robust mechanism to review payback of any assets deployed.
Take necessary steps in improving asset turnover ratio.
Ensure regularly costs are updated on timely basis in terms of MHR, product costing, etc.
Strict adherence  to 7 years of all statutory compliances by having quick monitoring mechanism.
Responsible for all legal compliances of the entire organization
Ensure audited numbers are released on timely basis by adhering to the norms for listed company.
Review of audits (internal, statutory) happening in company.
Review deliverables of external auditor, periodicity and quality of all types of audit (internal, statutory audit, cost audits, IFC) happening in the company.
Adherence to companies act.
Presenting the data in an analytical way to the board.

Work on optimising the cost of funding by exploring new avenues of reduced cost of funding.
Formulating policy for forward cover, hedging and monitoring the foreign currency movement.
Participate in all the funding discussions in terms of take new loans, enhancing limits and arranging timely funds as per company requirement.
Work closely with financial institutions for better facilities
Ensure all legal benefits are timely obtained by the company like export benefits, various schemes & subsidies and so on.
Ensure GST refund on timely basis. (for exports)
Coordinating with HR and directors for performance appraisal (including KPI review) of finance & accounts department.
Driving ERP initiatives (existing & new ERP) in the organization across the locations.
Resolve issues related to ERP.
Assess the capability of the CFT and ERP vendor
Revisit accounting policies and strict adherence to accounting standards.
Ensure all policies are documented in connection to finance & accounts.
Ensure SOPs are made & implemented in all areas across all locations.
Ensure mechanism is set where all escalations are coming to him / her for finance & accounts
Review MIS submitted by his / her subordinates
Report company performance in an analytical way to the management by highlighting all the exceptions.

Preferred candidate profile
Candidate should have minimum 2 years of experience .
SAP Knolwedge is must.
Graduate from Commers, BMS finance, MBA Finance.
Immediate joineers preferred.

26 September 2023


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