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19 Dec 2022


Sr. Manager in Finance & Accounts


8-10 Years

SAP, Bank Reconciliation, Ind AS, GST, TDS, Income Tax, Financial Statements

Job Description

Position: Sr. Manager in Finance & Accounts
Qualification: CA
Experience: 4 to 9 years
Location: Mumbai

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Closing of Books and freezing of period for accounting entries and passing provision and adjustment entries as necessary.
  • Reconciliation of ledgers and preparing financial reports and other statements based on the books finalized.
  • Providing the information and clarification asked by the Auditors.
  • Separate set of Profit and Loss account based on business line to be prepared and submitted as and when required.
  • Presentation of monthly financials to the regional team on a conference call.
  • Assisting auditors and furnishing details required by auditors within the time stipulated
  • Imprint will provide the necessary information / data to the Auditors for completing Tax Audit within the time stipulated under the law.
  • Co-ordination with consultants and relevant authorities to ensure executing of Inter- Co Invoicing module for Sangam Group of Companies India.
  • Co-ordination with Tax Firm on tax related subjects
  • Provide necessary data for preparation of certain management monthly reports.
  • Provide necessary data for preparation of certain annual reports to be sent.
  • Assistance to employees in preparation of expenses claim statement & the attachments
  • To maintain on file copies of year-wise IT, Professional Tax, GST Returns.
  • Preparing and maintaining chart of accounts.
  • All transactions (purchase/general journal/ receipts and payments) and account details /financial statements (Trial Balance /P & L & B/S, inter company invoices) on a monthly basis to be e-mailed to management by specific date as prescribed by the management.
  • Periodic ledger scrutiny
  • Maintaining of monthly books for review purpose.
  • Daily day book report extracted from the system for management review.
  • Submitting monthly Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet, and such other financial statements /information to the Regional Finance as have been prescribed or will be prescribed in future.
  • A separate set of Profit & Loss Account by business line need to be produced/ submitted as and when required.
  • Preparing documentation for any Direct tax Scrutiny
  • Holding joint meeting between WRTL Group of Companies Management independent Auditors and Imprint and draw up the plan for completion of Audited Accounts.

19 December 2022


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