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22 Aug 2022


Manager - Enforcement


6-8 Years

SEBI, LODR, capital market, Regulatory Reporting, Finance, Stock Exchange, financial markets

Job Description

Position : Manager - Enforcement
Qualification : CA/LLB. CS or MBA
Experience :  5 to 7 years of Experience
Location : Mumbai

Key Responsibility :
  • Preparation, verification, approval of cases for placing before relevant authority for deciding suitable disciplinary actions for violations observed during inspection
  • Verification and approving the of Letter of observation (LO) prepared on the basis of the inspection reports received from Regional Offices.
  • Identifying the critical cases and reporting the same for immediate enforcement action
  • Verification and approval of LORA based on the analysis of the replies made by the Members to the letter of observation.
  • Verification the action sheets based on LORA for placing before the Internal Committee.
  • Presenting the cases before the Internal Committee and handling the queries of the IC with respect to the same.
  • Identification of cases to be placed before MCSGFC and verification of Agenda and presentations (one pager details)
  • Presenting the cases before the MCSGFC and handling the queries of the MCSGFC with respect to the same.
  • Co-ordination with inspection, member compliance, ISC on the MCSGFC actionable and placing the updates before MCSGFC.
  • Preparation of minutes of the meetings of Committees
  • Verification of draft minutes of the Committee meetings and seeking approval from the Committee on the same
  • Verification, approval of action letters to members for the disciplinary actions decided by the relevant authority
  • Verification of action letters for the disciplinary actions decided by the Committee
  • Second Level Approver of penalties to be collected from various members to accounts team
Show cause Notices to members for critical violations
  • Preparation, Verification, approval of show cause notices to members for critical observations
  • Coordination with members for reply and clarifications and escalations in case of non-submissions
  • Verification of Analysis of replies of the member and placing before the relevant authority for appropriate decision.
Review requests of members, appeal in SAT
  • Analysis of review requests received from members
  • Coordination with members for additional details and clarifications on the issues raised by the members
  • Coordination with legal team for the decision of the relevant authority challenged by members before SAT, Court
Member queries & Regulatory Compliance
  • Attend to and resolve queries of members regarding the disciplinary actions decided by the Committee
  • Verification of data requests sent by SEBI, EOW
  • Enforcement with respect to matters pertaining to non- compliance reported by member with respect to market making
Delisting - Enforcement related activities
  • Preparation, Verification, approval of agenda and minutes
  • Co-ordination with the Listing team and handling queries received from Companies
  • Issue of Notices and other compliances
Collation of Data for SEBI, Internal Auditors
  • Verification of Data as requested by SEBI or Internal Auditors from time to time.
  • To ensure and report the compliance of providing the information sought by Regulators, Auditors.
  • To contribute in the Automation and Development of MIS systems
  • Verification of data for SEBI inspection and handling of queries raised by SEBI in the inspection.
Role Requirements
  • 5 to 7 years of Experience
  • Knowledge of financial and capital markets
  • Knowledge of statutory requirements applicable to the financial markets
  • Experience of attending proceedings before Disciplinary Authority of Stock Exchanges, Securities Appellate Tribunal etc.

22 August 2022


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