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15 Apr 2020


Legal Manager

Company Logo Columbia Petro Chem Pvt Ltd


5-6 Years

Legal, legal -litigation drafting, legal activities, Legal Administration, Legal Advice, Legal Consultant, Legal documents, LEGAL DRAFTING & LITIGATION, Legal Drafting-Arbitration Proceedings, Legal Due Diligence

Job Description

·         Advisory on banking products and services (loans & advances, deposits and others)
·         Critical analysis of applicable change in law and consequent risk assessment and impact thereof on banks businesses
·         Drafting, reviewing and negotiation of documents relating to various financial services offered to customers.
·         Drafting, reviewing and negotiation of technology related arrangements.
·         Advise on all aspects of corporate, banking and financial laws and practice.
·         Advise on product development, strategy, policies and processes.
·         Intellectual property advisory.
·         Advise on corporate strategies.
·         Prepare litigation strategy.
·         Respond to legal notices and customer complaints.
·         Critically analyze legislative efforts and offer recommendations
·         Job Description Support and follow up of Litigation /Arbitration in liaison with Advocates for and against the Company. 
·         Drafting , vetting of Statement of Claims , Winding Up Petition, Affidavit of Evidence , Written statement and all documents/ petitions /applications to be filed before court/arbitrator and other forums. 
·         Initiating Arbitration action against defaulting Customers, Sec.138 action, Filing Sec.9 petition
·        Notice issuance to all Sec138 regular and SPDC cases through advocates
·         Engaging and briefing Senior counsels
·         Draft agreements and other documents related to Land Dealings/Developments such as Powers of Attorney, tenancy transfer deeds, Deed of rectification, development agreements, Sale agreement, NOC, affidavit etc. and ensure the completeness for review by solicitors.
·         Drafting of letters such as allotment letter, covering letters, demand letters, sale agreement letters and possession letter etc.
·         Reviewing of various types of Commercial Contracts, Agreements, MOU, NDAs, Sale Deeds, Conveyance Deeds, Leave and License Agreements etc.
·         Coordinate with law firms/ solicitors on public notices, title certificates etc.
·         Assist in preparing legal notices, suits, legal replies, other legal correspondence and briefs for legal advisors/solicitors.
·         Liaise with the Legal Department to formulate and construct agreements, NOCs, contracts and other legal documents required for the project.
·         Provide administrative assistance to legal staff in a Legal Department.
·         To perform title searches to determine ownership and lien status of properties & high court case search & printing of searched case order copies.
·         Can Go to police station & court.

15 April 2020