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22 Jul 2022


Assistant Manager F&A

Navi Mumbai

4-5 Years

Reconciliations, GST, TDS, Professional Tax Returns, GST Return, accounting, Audits

Job Description

Position: Assistant Manager F&A
Qualification: CA
Experience: 3-5 years
Location: Navi Mumbai
 Job Description: 
Accounting related activities:
  1. Verification of Vendor Invoices and accounting on daily basis
  2. Verification of Employees claims and accounting on regular basis
  3. Verification of PO, SO, Indent
  4. Vendor Reconciliation
  5. Verification of agreements with customer, clients
  6. Collection accounting
  7. Preparation of Ageing analysis of debtors and creditors
  8. Inter group reconciliation
  9. Preparation of schedules of expenses
  10. Provision for expenses in books
  11. Books closing and audit
  12. Preparation of monthly financials
  13. Preparation and submission of monthly compliance tracker
Compliances related activities:
  1. Monthly payment of TDS, GST, PF, PT, TCS etc
  2. Monthly GST return filling
  3. Reconciliation of GST register
  4. Semi-annually payments of Professional tax
  5. Quarterly TDS, TCS return preparation and filling
  6. Issuance of quarterly TDS certificates

22 July 2022


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